Nostalgic and slightly schizophrenic

I don’t know about you, guys, but I’m more interested in people’s thoughts. And I think that’s what makes me a very boring person. Hahaha sigh.

(Sorta) Word vomit: Truth is, I want to succeed in everything that I do. Whether I like the chore or not.

After my first ever legit mountain climbing, my body is craving for more climbs! My god. It really is as addicting as what other people say. And I can certainly say that I am more attuned to the mountains than I am to the seas. I think the former is a bit more mystical and enchanting (LOL I do sound cheesy sometimes) than the latter although I must admit I love chilling out by the seashore. Perhaps, I just have to experience scuba diving — in seas, and not in pools like in my PE class haha — before I dismiss seas to be a bit on the boring side. Haha. I mean, when I’m near a body of water, most of the time I’m only lounging close to it. But maybe if I dive into it… and overcome my fears of underwater creatures and the dark depths of the ocean…

Anyway, I just want another trek and/or climb! To have reached the summit of the mountain and see the breathtaking view had been very worth it.

Favourite shots from our Mt. Pulag trek, 1-2 May 2014

Maybe it really is difficult for people to “get the message” or “take a goddamn hint”. IDK.

Okay let me explain you a thing about little inner-city apartments, about little slices of domesticity hewn out of old brick and DIY plaster, filled with rag-tag people that you have assembled as a family unit, with indie music on low and laughter and dwindling bottles of wine. Where the cat is always asleep atop your computer and your best dress and stockings are tossed on the couch and your faulty window opens to a planted box full of herbs and the steamy buzz of the city below. Where take out from your favorite deli awaits you in the fridge and work is only a bus-ride away and the city comes right up the meet you at night, swilling in with the night wind and tugging at your hair and sweater until you venture out into it. There’s something truly magical about a tiny well-kept apartment filled with treasured people, something more exquisite than anything in the world, I think.

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